NCLEX 4000 Exam Test Bank Download

This comprehensive NCLEX 4000 is also known as the NCLEX Test Bank for RN students.

This online NCLEX Test Bank is designed for individual student NCLEX review and promises guaranteed success on the NCLEX RN exam. The popular NCLEX 4000 online Test Bank download provides more than 4,000 NCLEX review questions covering all 29 topics in five major content areas. These NCLEX exam contents include RN fundamentals, RN pediatrics, RN psychiatric-mental health, RN maternal-neonatal, and RN medical-surgical nursing. The online RN Test Bank delivers NCLEX multiple-choice questions and alternate-format questions. The NCLEX 4000 RN Test Bank contains three study modes. These NCLEX study modes are pretest, review, and test. This NCLEX RN Test Bank gives correct and incorrect answers with rationales and new supporting references. Also, the NCLEX 4000 includes important new questions on prioritizing and delegation, which is a primary feature on the NCLEX RN exam. This NCLEX 4000 RN Test Bank is updated to reflect the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s latest test plan, including all forms of alternate-format questions. You can be confident that you are studying the correct material fully endorsed by the NLN (National League of Nursing)

Read what a few of our customers have said about this………

I did all of these 4000 questions in about 1 month. I took the NCLEX 2 weeks later and I was the first one done in the room. I was a bit concerned when the exam finished so soon. But, it was because I answered most of my questions correctly. The more you get right, the sooner you are done with the test. I am glad I bought this product.

This test bank download is great! Purchased this to practice more on answering NCLEX questions. It has review questions that are similar to questions would see in the NCLEX RN exam. Used this along with a study guide book and a test-taking strategy book and passed the boards on my first time.

This gives you many questions and rationales. It’s helpful for preparing for the NCLEX and I’ve used it for school too. I am not exaggerating to say it is worth its weight in gold. Thank you!

I used NCLEX 4000 along with the NCLEX-RN Made Incredibly Easy book and passed my boards the first time through. The key to the NCLEX is learning how to read the questions and figure out what they are asking, you do not necessarily need to know the information. This testbank really gives you the practice you need to pass the boards! I did 75-100 questions a night, 1 month before the exam. I would absolutely suggest this if you are about to take your boards. Good luck!

I’m in my second semester of nursing school. Since I started using this as a supplemental studying tool, mid semester, my grades my grades have sky rocketed. The rationales are great and pop up whether the answer is right or wrong. Definitely plan on using this the remaining two semester, and as a study tool for the NCLEX!! 👍👍

I used this starting in my second semester in nursing school as well as in the following semesters. It is a great way to study throughout school as well as to prepare for NCLEX. Read the rationales and the questions carefully. It is by far the best test bank out there.

I liked this program for NCLEX prep better than the expensive CAT Evolve question bank. It’s very easy to navigate and I loved using the study-mode for quizzes. By the way; I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions!!!! A huge benefit is that you can install it into more than one computer, so I could use it on my laptop, tablet, and cell phone.

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